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We, the below named people of different peoples living on planet Earth, relying on the basic provisions of Part One of the "Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms", "Montevideo Declaration", "International Maritime Convention" and the UN Convention on the Right of Nations to Self-Determination in Part Three, declare the creation of sovereign independent decentralized Kingdom of Kaprika.
We are guided by the provisions of the Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms - the inalienable rights given to man by God and Nature to unite, freedom and happiness. The sovereign Kingdom of Kaprika is hereby established, and we declare that the Kingdom of Kaprika is a free and democratic state based on the principles of positive humanism, religious tolerance, non-interference, decentralization, social and environmental responsibility to all Humanity. The Kingdom of Kaprika is an open, decentralized state, of which any inhabitant of our planet can become a citizen. In its activities, Kaprika is guided by the principles of humanitarianism.
In favor of: Nuclear-free world; Disarmament; Good neighborliness; Interfaith dialogue. Coordinates its actions with the basic principles of International Law developed by the UN, OSCE, PACE and other international organizations. At the same time he opposes: Racism; Nationalism; Segregation; Extremism; Terrorism; And other manifestations of intolerance, which he sees as a danger to the future of all mankind.
The Kingdom of Kaprika seeks its recognition and active participation in the work of the UN, PACE, OSCE, International Parliament, League of Small Countries, Ecumenical Movement, International Ecological Movement, Green Cross, international humanitarian missions and organizations acting with peacekeeping missions.
Guided by the principles of the International Maritime Convention, the Kingdom of Kaprika declares its right to no man's land (terra nullius) - in the Azov Black Sea Basin, covering an area of ​​0.03 sq. km. and is not part of any country.
Respecting the principles of International Law, the Kingdom of Kaprika recognizes the Economic interests of neighboring countries in neutral waters.
Citizens of the Kingdom of Kaprika undertake to act strictly in accordance with the principles of International Law and respect for Human Values.

07.07.2007 Roman Luka

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